October 30, 2014

Hoshi Gaki (Dried Persimmons), 2014/干し柿、2014年

On October 13, I started to hang peeled astringent persimmons indoors to dry (because of the typhoon approaching), and on October 15, I moved them to the garage. I thought it would take a whole month for them to be fully dried, but it has turned out to take only two weeks.
Sorry, blurry.

Here's one problem: Only a few of them have been dried in good conditions, while
others have become partially moldy.
I'm not sure what has gone wrong. Maybe because I gave them a massage with my (dirty) hands?

Of course, I'm not going to throw them away. I had one moldy one after rinsing under running water. It was sweet and good!

What about the astringent persimmons that were put in a plastic bag with alcohol to remove the astringency? The astringency was removed completely one week after being put in a bag. I had expected that it would take ten or more days because I used shochu with an alcohol content of 25%.

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