October 11, 2014

My Favorite Wines/私が好きなワイン

Once or twice after our marriage, I bought a bottle of sweet wine for 2,000-3,000 yen for a special occasion like a wedding anniversary or a birthday. Then I switched to more affordable, semi-sweet white wine from Germany: Liebfraumilch. Both my wife and I were very satisfied with this particular wine. I also liked the blue bottle.

I had forgotten all about this wine, but memories of it suddenly came back to me when I was thinking what we should have for our 20th wedding anniversary. I thought I had to have this wine!
I also bought this Japanese wine. A very famous one, called akadama SWEET WINE.
It was originally called akadama port wine. The alcohol content is 14%. I added some ice cubes to my glass because this wine is very sweet. Besides, it was not chilled in the fridge.
The label recommends four ways to drink this wine: Straight; on the rock; dilute with soda; and dilute with hot water.
It's so sweet that it was more like cocktail than wine.

This is the very first time that we have had akadama SWEET WINE. The German wine above was a little over 600 yen, and akadama SWEET WINE is a little over 500 yen. Affordable yet very tasty!


Sissi said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Hiroyuki!

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Thank you. I'will talk some more about Japanese wine when I finish the sparkling wine and the red wine I got from Echigo Winery.

Tea Apprentice said...

Happy anniversary!

Hiroyuki said...

Tea Apprentice: Thank you!

9895039531 seeandoh said...

Happy Anniversary. May you be blessed to live many more years.

Hiroyuki said...

seeandoh: Thank you! But "live many more years"? Sounds as if I were an old man (laugh).