January 22, 2016

Amazake Recipe, Updated/甘酒レシピ更新

Just wanted to inform that I have updated my amazake recipe (Japanese only) on COOKPAD, which I previously described here in my blog.

I have slightly modified the amounts of water and leftover rice:
1,400 ml water (not 1,200 ml)
450 g leftover rice (not 400 ml)
400 g koji (unchanged)

The biggest difference is to put the microwaved leftover rice and half the boiling water to the thermos flask in an attempt to make the rice porridge-like.
The contents of the thermos flask will be at around 80 degrees C.
Let the remaining water to cool to around 55 degrees, and add it to the flask.
Make sure that the contents of the flask are at 67-65 degrees, and add room-temperature koji.
Mix well and check the temperature. It should be around 60 degrees.
Amazake will be made in 8-12 hours.  

I decided to heat the amazake this time to deactivate the enzymes.
Just heat the amazake to around 80 degrees, and simmer at that temperature for a few minutes.

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