January 18, 2016

Nagaoka on Jan. 17/長岡、1/17

On Day 2 (Jan. 17) of the Center Test, I took the 7:30 train bound for Nagaoka to see my son a little after 8:30. I waited for him to get ready to leave the hotel in the hotel lounge, where I had a cup of complimentary instant coffee.
Impressive pictures on the walls.

I saw him off at the bus stop at around 9:20, and then I headed for the Nagaoka War Damage Exhibit Hall.
You can find some info about the Hall on this page of tripadvisor.
Then, I went to the East exit of Nagaoka Sation, and strolled aimlessly toward a coffee house.

Destination: Coffee shop called Komeda Kissaten.
Official website of this coffee shop chain.
目的地: コメダ珈琲店

I decided not to visit this place this time, and headed back to Nagaoka Station. I absolutely wanted to have this soft-serve ice cream at the YASUDA YOGURT SHOP in the station building.
280 yen. Best soft-serve ice cream I've ever had.

I bought four cups of "Yogurt Rare Cheese" for souvenir for my family. I got one complimentary fig-flavored Yasuda Yogurt because the total amount of purchase exceeds 1,000 yen.
Note that "rare" in Japanese means unbaked.

My son came home at 8 o'clock that night. He had been given just a lot of sweets for praying for passing entrance exams by relatives, teachers, and others. Shown below are just some examples of such sweets.


ErinBear said...

I'm glad your son is home now, and his test is finished. I hope he did well! He must be glad the test is over. The frozen yogurt must have been very good. It looks like there is snow there. Please stay warm in the cold weather!

Take care,
Erin in California

Hiroyuki said...

ErinBear: Thanks for your kind words. Well, the "juken" (entrance exam) season continues until the end of February (and mid-March for some), and my son has to take at least four entrance exams in this season.

As for snow, we have much less snow than usual this year, causing a lot of trouble to the ski-related industries!