January 27, 2016

Searching for Good Uses for Sake Kasu/酒粕のいい使い道を探す

Now that I have almost 2 kg of sake kasu in the fridge, I have to think of good ways to use it up before it goes bad.

1. Sake kasu paste
1. 酒粕ペースト

The sake kasu I recently bought is called ita kasu (lit. sheet lees), which is hard to dissolve in water. Another type is bara kasu, which is crumbly.

So, I tore some sake kasu into pieces by hand, put it in a measuring cup, added some hot water from the thermos flask, let it sit for hours to dissolve. The paste turned out very soggy. I should have added much less water! Anyway, I can put in some more sake kasu later to achieve the desired texture.
You can put such sake kasu paste to any dish you like to give it additional flavor

2. Sake similar to nigori zake (lit. cloudy sake)
Just put some sake kasu paste to a glass of sake with some ice cubes.
2. にごり酒のようなお酒
Left: Sake kasu paste
Right: Glass of sake with some ice cubes
左: 酒粕ペースト
右: お酒と氷を入れたコップ

I added two tbsp of sake kasu paste.
Then, I stirred with a spoon. Perfect! I really liked it! Much, much better than regular sake!
2. Yaki (grilled) sake kasu
2. 焼き酒粕

When I searched for good uses for sake kasu, I found a simple recipe: simply grill pieces of sake kasu in a toaster oven. Another recipe says to sprinkle sugar on the grilled sake kasu.
I grilled two pieces in the toaster oven until partially browned.
Well, I didn't like it, with or without sugar.
Now I have to think of other uses for sake kasu!

Sake kasu contains about 8% alcohol (ethanol). I didn't want to evaporate the alcohol when making sake kasu paste, but if you do, you need to boil the sake kasu solution for some time, say, 2-3 minutes, to evaporate the alcohol.

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