September 9, 2016

Home-Made Kyoho Jelly/自家製の巨峰ゼリー

Just wanted to share photos of the home-made kyoho jelly that my wife made for our daughter for her birthday. Kyoho is a variety of grape very popular in Japan, an it's often called the King of Grapes.
The Kyoho grapes used were seedless ones, given to us by my father.
The jelly was, without doubt, the most delicious jelly I have ever had. My wife told me about the secret ingredient. She said it was a "collaboration". "What?! Collaboration?," I asked. She explained that the jelly contained the ume syrup that I had made.
(Disregard the container, which has nothing to do with the home-made jelly. She used the container to make the jelly look more delicious.)


9895039531 seeandoh said...

That looks a cool and refreshing drink. Must be really delicious and sweet.

Hiroyuki said...

seeandoh: Yes, it really is, and it's not a drink but jelly in solid form.

ErinBear said...

That looks absolutely delicious! What a wonderful treat for your daughter's birthday!

Take care,
Erin from California

Hiroyuki said...

ErinBear: Yes! It was so good that I told my wife that we could sell it for 600 yen (6 dollars)!

Twilight Man said...

I love all the Japanese fruit jellies sold in the small plastic cups at the Family Mart and Supermarkets in Japan. I would eat them everyday and was happy that they have exported them to Malaysia now.

I will try to make them like yours.

Hiroyuki said...

Twilight Man: Well, not all fruit jellies are the same, I suppose, and I have to be carefull when making a selection.