June 16, 2008

Asari (Short-Necked Clam) Miso Soup, etc./あさりの味噌汁など

For breakfast this morning, I made asari (short-necked clamp) miso soup. This time, the asari were cheap ones that were for sale yesterday.

For supper tonight, I made soboro, using 6 large eggs and ground pork.
For about 350 ground pork, I used equal amounts of soy sauce and mirin (40 ml each), which result in much less sweet soboro. I didn't sweeten the eggs, as usual.
約350 gのひき肉に、同量のしょう油とみりん(40 mlづづ)を使いました。あまり甘くないそぼろになります。いつもどおり、卵は甘くしていません。

I like beni shoga (red pickled ginger)! When I have gyudon at a gyudon restaurant like Yoshinoya, I alway put a lot of it on my gyudon, which looks more like beni shoga don!


nakji said...

Oh, that soboro looks good. It's one of my favourite things for bento, I usually make it twice a month or so. I've never tried it with beni shoga, though.

Hiroyuki said...

Then, you should try it! I can't think of having soboro without beni shoga (laugh)!