June 20, 2008

Golden Ratio for Soy Sauce and Mirin and Magic Furikake/しょう油とみりんの黄金比と魔法のふりかけ

For lunch yesterday, I had leftover yakisoba from the previous night. My yakisoba is usually very substantial, containing a lot of cabbage, onion, moyashi, and carrot besides pork, but the version shown in the photo is a lazy one, containing only moyashi, green peppers, and pork. The sad thing was that I was out of beni shoga (red pickled ginger) and ao nori (a type of seaweed).

This morning, I made my "magic furikake", using two cans of mackerel, white sesame seeds, a 1:1 mixture of soy sauce and mirin (45 ml each), and some pepper.
今朝は、私の「魔法のふりかけ」を作りました。サバ缶2つ、白ゴマ、しょう油とみりんを1:1に混ぜたもの(45 mlづつ)、胡椒少し。

The reason why I call my furikake "magic furikake" is that whenever I have little appetite, having rice with this furikake causes me to get my appetite back. It's like magic. This happens to my wife and children, too. That's why I call it "magic furikake". Besides, the recipe calls for a 1:1 ratio for soy sauce and mirin, which is said to be a golden ratio.

This morning, I made mugicha (barley tea). For most Japanese, it's a summer beverage, but as for me, I drink it all year round.

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