June 4, 2008

Is Japanese Food Healthy/日本食は健康にいいか?

Now I can provide some answers to this eternal question: Is Japanese food healthy? The answers can be summarized as follows:
1. Hierarchical structure of a typical, rice-centered Japanese meal
2. Ingredients peculiar to Japanese cuisine
3. Preferences of the Japanese people for less fatty ("assari") food

1. 典型的な、ご飯中心の日本の食事の階層構造
2. 日本料理に特有な食材
3. 日本人は、あっさりした食べ物を好む、ということ

When reading my blog, please keep these points in mind.


nakji said...

Try as I might, I can't get my husband to enjoy a simple bowl of plain white rice, with out something served over it.

I think this is a very "Western" thing, don't you - the impulse to find rice "bland" and want to dress it up. A lot of my friends and family in Canada like to pour soy sauce over their rice and eat it like that.

I like the Japanese way, with the other dishes as an accent. This style of eating is common throughout Asia, isn't it?

Hiroyuki said...

I'm not sure if this style is common throughout Asia. I remember yummermeir (sp?) on eGullet once responded that it wasn't so in her country.

Anonymous said...

I imagine many washoku can be eaten every day, and some youshoku, such as katsu and curry rice made from roux are less healthy to eat as often.

Hiroyuki said...

lemming, that's not necessarily true, especially among children and youngsters. I think I'll have to address that issue some day.