December 14, 2008

Enoki Takikomi Gohan, Again/エノキの炊き込みご飯、再度

These overgrown enoki mushrooms are not for sale. I got this bag from the friend of mine who runs an enoki mushroom factory near my house. Refer to the June 14 entry in my blog for details of the factory. They were so huge and looked so appetizing that I decided to make takikomi gohan again.

I used these carrots, which I had harvested from my small farm.

I also made nikomi hamburg (simmered hamburgers), which is a favorite of my daughter's.

For more information about my nikomi hamburg, click here.
Enoki mushrooms that big have a lot of presence. I really like overgrown enoki mushrooms!

I put one-third of the enoki mushrooms in miso soup, together with abura-age (deep-fried tofu).

The enoki mushrooms in miso soup were also very good!

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