December 7, 2008

A Party/パーティー

Last night, I gave a party for nine people (including my family of four).
Two low tables for six adults. The three children had their seats at the dining table.

This is the only Japanese-style room in my house.
I ordered nine plates of sashimi (lean tuna, adult yellow tail, and sweet shrimp).

Close-up photo of one plate:

I also ordered two fillets each of buri and medium fatty tuna.

I used these fillets to make nigiri.
Some random photos:

List of foods served at the party
1. Otsukuri or sashimi: Lean tuna, adult yellowtail, sweet shrimp
2. Agemono (deep-fried foods): Prawn tempura, sweet potato tempura, kaki-age of carrot, onion, and small shrimp, chicken kara-age, French fries
3. Yakimono (grilled food): Sawara (Japanese Spanish Mackerel) marinated in saikyo miso
4. Nimono (simmered foods): Simmered hijiki seaweed, simmered kiriboshi (shredded and dried) daikon, oden-like dish of simmered daikon rings, hard-boiled eggs, and kuruma fu (gluten in the form of a wheel)
5. Aemono (dressed food): Spinach dressed with sesame seeds
6. Sunomono (vinegared food): Daikon salad
7. Thick rolled omelets
8. Potato salad
9. Pork soup
10. Sushi (medium fatty tuna, adult yellowtail)
11. Fruit in season: Le Lectier
12. Tsukemono (pickled foods): Chinese cabbage, nozawana, eggplants
1. お造り(刺身): マグロ赤身、ブリ、甘エビ
2. 揚げ物: 海老天、芋天、ニンジン、玉ねぎ、小エビのかき揚げ、鶏の唐揚げ、フライドポテト
3. 焼き物: サワラ西京漬け
4. 煮物: ひじき、切干大根、大根とゆで卵と車麩のおでんもどき
5. 和え物: ほうれん草の胡麻和え
6. 酢の物: 大根サラダ
7. 厚焼き玉子
8. ポテトサラダ
9. 豚汁
10. 寿司(まぐろ中トロ、ブリ)
11. 旬の果物: ルレクチェ
12. 漬物: 白菜、野沢菜、ナス
Sake: Ten-Chi-Jin (Heaven-Earth-People), junmai ginjo, made by Takachiyo Shuzo brewery in Niigata
Beer: The Premium made by Suntory
日本酒: 天地人 純米吟醸 新潟の高千代酒造
ビール: サントリーのThe Premium


Randi said...

Wow, what a party. I'm sure your guests appreciated your effort!! I know I would : )

Calipoutine from Egullet.

Hiroyuki said...

Randi: Sorry for a late reply. Well, in Japan, two or three dishes are not considered enough to welcome guests...