January 17, 2009

Inari Zushi/稲荷寿司

You may think that sushi is a combination of vinegared rice and raw fish. I know that some people erroneously think that sushi is synonymous with sashimi. Sushi is a generic term for any combination of vinegard rice and other ingredient(s).
For supper tonight, I made inari zushi (< sushi). It's abura age (deep-fried tofu) seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, etc. stuffed with vinegared rice.
I usually use pre-seasoned abura age. My family like this particular product of Misuzu.

My daughter likes inari zushi a lot. Believe it or not, she likes it better than nigiri zushi, the type of sushi that you may think of first when you hear the word sushi. She is not alone. There are a lot of Japanese children (and adults) who prefer inari zushi to other types of sushi.


Nerd Mom said...

Inari zushi is pretty popular among Japanese-American kids. My husband and I both grew up calling inari zushi "footballs".

Hiroyuki said...

Cheryl: Thanks for your comments! It's good to know that it's also popular where you live!