January 4, 2009

Gyudon (Beef Bowl)/牛丼

I made gyudon (beef bowl) for supper tonight for no particular reasons other than that thinly sliced beef was for sale at a supermarket.

This time, I tried a dashi, soy sauce, and mirin ratio of 10:1:1. Thus, I used:
300 ml dashi
30 ml soy sauce
30 ml mirin
30 ml sake
出汁300 ml
醤油30 ml
みりん30 ml
酒30 ml
You may also want to try 3:1:1 and 4:1:1 ratios if you prefer heavy seasoning.
I previously submitted a gyudon recipe to RecipeGullet on eGullet.
Gyudon recipe on RecipeGullet
This recipe uses a ratio of 12:1:1.
Note: Tonight, I served the dish separately from rice, so it's not gyudon but gyusara (beef plate).


Unknown said...

Hi hiroyuki,

hmmmm I tried mking this 2 says ago... and I think Tsuji has asked for too dark soy in his recipe which suggests 80ml dark soy plus 80mls mirin plus 1 cup of water. It was fairly salty as I'm sure u can imagine! Also it's interesting that you're using dashi. Perhaps I will try that next time. I tried slicing my beef fillet after partially freeezinf it as butchers in uk don't do it for u that thin :( question: is this supposed to be a soupy rice dish or is the sauce meant to be quite thick? Because i ended up with soupy rice. The Ginger juice added at the end is really nice though....

Hiroyuki said...

Mike: I have the Tsuji book. Water, soy, and mirin ratio of 3:1:1, I know how salty it is. But, don't you think it's wonderful that you now know that the 3:1:1 ratio results in a very salty dish? Now you may want to try the 10:1:1 or 12:1:1 ratio and check what you will think of the flavor.
Generally, a donburi dish is not so soupy, but that greatly depends on your preferences. At Yoshinoya, the largest gyudon chain in Japan, you can order a soupy version by saying "Tsuyu daku". The opposite of "tsuyu daku" is "tsuyu nuki".
Hm... I'm getting hungry. I wish I had a Yoshinoya nearby!

Unknown said...

Wow Hiroyuki, sometimes I wish I was in Japan to try it all out. I come from a small city in the UK called Cardiff which has very limited japanese cuisine available. I always try to taste as much japanese food as possible when I go to London. Of course one day I will go and try out the real thing in Nippon!

About the Gyudon, yes I will try the new ratio and let you know how it goes!