January 13, 2009

Souzai (Side Dishes)/惣菜

The term souzai can refer to any side dish, but it is often used to refer to a store-bought side dish. Every supermarket in Japan has a souzai section.
I have a cold now, and I didn't want to make any dishes for supper tonight. So, I asked my wife to buy some souzai. Here are the souzai that she bought.
Shira ae (boiled vegetables dressed with mashed tofu):

Nira reba itame (liver and Chinese chive stir-fry):

Clockwise starting with the top right:
Two menchi katsu (patties breaded and deep-fried), white-flesh fish fry, crab cream korokke (Japanese croquette), and oyster fry

The biggest characteristic of most souzai is that they are meant to be eaten with rice.

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