February 4, 2009

Another O-Bento Day/またお弁当日

February 3 was another o-bento day for me. This time, I had to make one for my son, who participated in a local friendly ski competition. My son said that he wanted to have four types of onigiri, yukari (red perilla), nameshi (vegetable greens), umeboshi, and salmon.
I usually grill fish in the toaster oven, unlike many other Japanese, who use a fish grill.

There are just a lot of bento-related goods sold in Japan, but I usually use these and other simple ones only.

Setup for onigiri making:

The white container near the center contains very dense salt water (say, 1:1 ratio). Simple salt should be fine, but you can adjust the saltiness easily by using salt water. The rice has to be hot to make good onigiri.
The two packets on the left contains yukari (left) and nameshi (right).
These umeboshi were made by my mother. They are at least two years old. Her original umeboshi are just too salty, so I soak them in water for several hours to remove some of the salt.
My bento can never be complete without atsuyaki tamago (thick rolled omelet) (laugh).

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