February 12, 2009

Chicken Breasts vs. Thighs/鶏の胸肉と腿肉

I made chicken breast kara age the other day. I prefer breasts to thighs because the former is less expensive and less fatty. An interesting fact about chicken meat is that breasts are less expensive than thighs in Japan, while the opposite is true in the United States.

Traditional Japanese cuisine is said a cuisine of subtractive mixing or a cuisine of subtraction because it involves a number of subtractive steps such as the extraction of dashi from dried bonito shavings and kombu, the removal of bitter, harsh, and other unwanted components from ingredients, and parboiling, and this is one of the reasons why chicken thighs are preferred in Japan. Thighs are cooked in ways to reduce their excess fat.
Note: The phrase "cuisine of subtraction", as used here, has nothing to do with the "Cuisine of Subtraction", the food philosophy of the sushi restaurant Sushi-Ko in the United States.
注:ここで言う「減算の料理」とは、米国の寿司レストラン「Sushi-Ko」の食に関する考え方「Cuisine of Subtraction」とは関係ありません。


Anonymous said...

I often had trouble eating chicken when I lived in Chiba Prefecture. It was often too fatty and made me feel sick; though most of my food consumption was kyuushoku, which may have had something to do with that. I didn't realize that thigh meat was used rather than breast meat. Suddenly I understand why my Japanese friends politely ate very little of my homemade kara age. >.>;;

Hiroyuki said...

amazedtodeath: Thanks for your comments, and sorry for my late reply. I noticed it only today! You mean you make your homemade kara age with chicken breats??