February 6, 2009

Third O-Bento Day/三回目のお弁当日

Today has been my third o-bento day this year. I made an o-bento for my son this morning.
I made almost all preparations yesterday: making spinach goma ae (dressed with sesame seeds), simmering kabocha, making atsuyaki tamago (rolled thick omelet), and boiling a bunch of broccoli.
The spinach that I used this time was "chijimi horenso" (lit. shrunken spinach), which has been sweetened due to exposure to frost. This type of spinach is available only around this time of year.

So, the o-bento looks like this, plus four types of onigiri (rice balls) again.

The dessert was one of these big Tochiotome strawberries. The bottom one is a twin!

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