June 15, 2009

Funwari Shokupan/ふんわり食パン

This is a relatively new product from Yamazaki, Japan's leading bread manufacturer. The product name is Funwari Shokupan. Funwari means fluffy, while shokupan is a generic term that literally means "eating bread", that is, bread suitable for a meal, suggesting that it's not a sweet bun.
これは、ヤマザキ(日本有数のパンメーカー)の比較的新しい製品です。製品名はふんわり食パン。ふんわりとはfluffyということで、食パンとは直訳すればeating bread、つまり食事に適したパン、甘い菓子パンではないということを示しています。
This bread feels somewhat moist, and even the crust is incredibly soft!

I'm not affiliated with Yamazaki. In fact, I wish I could avoid buying mass-produced bread, considering all the additives it may contain. (But in reality, it is mass-produced bread that I usually buy...)

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Hiroyuki said...

Anonymous: Are you a fan of funwari shokupan?? (laugh)