June 29, 2009


For supper tonight, my wife made gyoza. Gyoza are Chinese in origin, but they are very popular in Japan. Japanese gyoza differ from the original Chinese version in that they are usually pan-fried (not boiled in water) and they almost always contain garlic.

Another large difference is that the Japanese eat gyoza as an okazu (accompaniment to rice) or sake no sakana (appetizer for sake). Gyoza are also a popular accompaniment to ramen.
My family hate garlic in gyoza, so the ones in the photo are garlic-free.


Mama said...

Yummy! I love gyoza. I feel like the Japanese always perfect the foods that other cultures already have, only it's done even better.

Hiroyuki said...

pink: I'd like to see your gyoza (jiaozi?)!

Kake said...

I'm a gyoza fan too! My method is here.

Hiroyuki said...

Kake: Thanks for sharing your recipe! My wife and I are too lazy to make gyoza dough! We use premade gyoza skins.