June 5, 2009


I talked about the slugs to the neighbor who gave us the strawberry seedlings that we now have in the small patch around the house, and he told me that he would give me the pesticide that kills snails and slugs. The next day, he kindly gave me this: Namekil

I wasn't familiar with this pesticide, so I did some googling. I learned that the pesticide contained in this product, metaldehyde, was 'moderately hazardous' according to Wikipedia.
Today, I saw two slugs lying dead.
The other day, my son and I harvested some fava beans from the farm.

I simply boiled them in water with a bit of salt, and we had them without any seasoning.
Sorry for not posting about Japanese cooking!


Mama said...

"Sorry for not posting about Japanese cooking!"

No apologies necessary! If not food, I still enjoy reading your other stories. Japan is my absolute favorite country in the world, so anything Japanese is so interesting and fascinating to me. :)

Hiroyuki said...

pink: Thanks for your consolatory words! Hm... I have to think of ways to make my blog more enjoyable to overseas readers!

Unknown said...

I recommend you use iron phosphate based slug bait as a safer slug bait. It has a physiological effect on the slugs in that it makes them stop eating. You won't see a slugs lying around dead the morning after application but the slugs that eat the iron phosphate will stop eating and starve. Iron phosphate is also much safer to use around food crops due to its low toxicity (it’s considered non toxic to pets and wildlife and the birds sometimes eat it which can be a nuisance as it means less for the slugs to eat.) They often go under the brand of Sluggo or Esca-go in north America but I do not know what brand to they sell it as in Japan. I do not recommend Metaldehyde or carbaryl and metaldehyde based bait as it’s not safe to use with edible plants.

Hiroyuki said...

Super: Thanks for the information. I did a search and found it was sold as Sluggo
in Japan. I'm not sure if it's readily available, but I will try to get it.