October 15, 2009


The rest of the mushrooms went into suiton. Suiton is soup containing dumplings made from of wheat flour. Making suiton is easy. You simply mix flour with water to make a soft dough, and put the dough in hot soup little by little, using a spoon or tearing the dough with fingers. Keep simmering the soup until the dough is done.


Uncle N said...

I admire your expertise in mushrooms. I will be so afraid to eat any wild mushrooms if I harvested, especially after reading an article like this;

Mama said...

That looks very good! :)

Hiroyuki said...

Uncle N: As I mentioned previously and as the article you linked to reports, tsukiyotake accounts for a majority of mushroom poisoning in Japan. It's very, very easy to tell tsukiyotake from other similar mushrooms. Split the mushroom lengthwise into two, and if you find a black spot inside near the base, it is tsukiyotake.

Hiroyuki said...

pink: Thanks for your compliment. It's merely miso soup plus wheat flour dumplings (and of couse wild mushrooms)!