January 1, 2011

Humble Osechi/質素な御節(おせち)

On New Year's Eve, my family had toshikoshi soba (year-crossing buckwheat noodles) for supper, like tens of million people in Japan, together with some tempura, but we skipped "toshitori zakana", which is salmon in Niigata. Toshitori zakana is the fish that is eaten on New Year's Eve, and is buri (adult yellowtail) in Kansai (Western Japan) and salmon in Kanto (Eatern Japan). That being said, the term "toshitori zakana" itself was unheard-of when I lived in Tokyo.

And, today, we had o-zoni for late breakfast. In Niigata, o-zoni contains salmon and seasoned with soy sauce (and salt). The mochi are rectangular. (In Kansai, they are supposed to be circular, although I have no idea whether this is still true.) To the surprise of someone like me, who was born and bred in Tokyo, the people in Niigata simmer mochi, not grill, before putting them in zoni.

My family's humble osechi and o-zoni

Warning: Don't expect to see gorgeous osechi in my blog!
警告: このブログで豪華な御節を見れるとは期待しないで下さい!

Edited to added:
The osechi and the o-zoni (or zoni) shown above were made (or bought) and arranged by my wife.
This arrangement of flowers (ikebana in Japanese) was also by my wife.
追記: この御節とお雑煮は、妻が作って(または買って)、飾り付けたものです。


Rose said...

To keep with tradition is beautiful enough! I hope you and your family has a Happy New Year!!! I look forward to reading more of your post in the future!

Lisa said...

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! Happy New Year! I have been reading for a long while but am commenting for the first time today. I hope your family enjoys a prosperous and peaceful new year.

Hiroyuki said...

Rose and Lisa: Thank you both for your respective comments!

Happy New Year!

Nancy Heller said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, Hiroyuki!

Hiroyuki said...

Nancy Heller: Happy New Year to you, too!

Kiki said...

Happy new year Hiroyuki. Hope you enjoyed your meals - even when there were bought. I don't think that anyone prepares nicely coloured and shaped fishcakes right from the scratch.
We had fondue chinoise or hot pot or shabu shabu - as you call it, it's allmost the same. Fondue is a tradional food for new years eve in germany. Afterwards I put some soba in the remaining broth, this is so not german, but I like it. The firework afterwards was great too. Next day was simply curing the hang over, my husband suffered the most :-)
Looking out for more of your wonderful postings in the year of the rabbit.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: Happy New Year to you, too!
I'm glad you had a wonderful new year's eve dinner, too!