February 27, 2011

Masu no Sushi (Trout's Sushi)/鱒のすし

The other day, we got these two souvenirs from a nephew, who visited Tomaya:
Shiro ebi (white prawn) sembei
Masu no sushi (trout's sushi)
Both are specialties of Toyama.

I didn't know anything about shiro ebi or shiro ebi sembei.

Crisp, and the fragrance of the prawn is wonderful!

Masu no sushi is known throughout Japan.

Needless to say, it tastes really good!


okasan said...

Do you eat it with shoyu and wasabi?

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: My family had it with some soy sauce but without wasabi. Opinions vary: Some say that it should be eaten without soy sauce or wasabi, while others say otherwise. I would suggest having one piece without soy sauce or wasabi first and then having another with soy sauce (and wasabi) to enjoy the difference in flavor.

OkiHwn said...

What fantastic packaging!

Hiroyuki said...

OkiHwn: Fantastic? I'd say elaborate! Some people may say excessive packaging (laugh)!!

Arudhi said...

I love the packaging! And the sushi too, of course. I wanted to keep the wooden container (do you call it hangiri?) but then it had a bit of fishy and vinegary smell and I don`t know if I could wash it with soap, so I heavy-heartedly threw it out.

Hiroyuki said...

Arudhi: No, it's not called a hangiri. It can be simply called a wooden container (木の容器 ki no youki or 木の器 ki no utsuwa), or it can also be called a magewappa (曲げわっぱ) or simply wappa (わっぱ).

The container is disposable, but I used mine for some time to keep small objects on the counter near the kitchen. It was too good to just throw away immediately!

As you may know, masu no sushi is a type of oshi (lit. pressed) zushi 押し寿司. Usually, I'm not a big fan of oshi zushi, but masu no sushi is an exception.