July 5, 2014

Apricots Microwaved with Sugar/砂糖でチンしたアンズ

It's been rather hot these days, and I've kept making dishes suitable for hot summer days.

For instance, pork meatballs nanban zuke:
Today, I wanted to talk about apricots microwaved with sugar. I used to simmer in an enameled pot with a considerable amount of sugar, like I described here.

Yesterday, I simply put halved apricots (total weight of 712 g) in a Tupperware container, added only 100 g of sugar, covered the container with plastic wrap, and microwaved several times for a total time of 5-6 minutes.
昨日は、半分に切ったアンズ(合計712 g)をタッパーに入れ、砂糖をたった100 g入れ、ラップをして、電子レンジで数回(合計5~6分)加熱しました。
I tasted some while they were still hot. Very, very sour! I refrained from adding sugar immediately, and I asked my wife and son to taste them to see if they were OK with them. They both said they were OK. I wondered why they said so.
But, today, I tasted some again to find them incredibly tasty. Partly because they were chilled in the fridge, the sourness didn't bother me at all! Instead, I enjoyed the sour and less sweet flavor.

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