July 2, 2014


Two days ago, my daughter told me all of a sudden that she wanted to have takoyaki. I simply dismissed her words then. Yesterday, when I checked supermarket flyers, I found that today, July 2, is Hangesho. Hangesho is the 11th day from the summer solstice, and on this particular day, it is customary to have octopus in some regions of Kansai (Western Japan). Recently, that custom has spread slowly but steadily to other parts of Japan, MAINLY DUE TO COMMERCIALISM. Anyway, it's true that we can get octopus cheap on that day, so I asked my daughter if she wanted to have takoyaki the next day. Of course, she said yes. I was still reluctant. Making takoyaki on this hot summer day! My daughter said she would make takoyaki, and my wife also said she would make it.

So, I bought some octopus (bottom right) today, as well as some octopus karaage (top left).
Shown on the bottom right is takoyaki mix. At the top middle is tenkasu (or agedama), tiny balls of tempura batter, a byproduct of tempura making. At the top right is beni shoga (pickled red ginger).

I made all the preparations, and let my wife and daughter do the rest.

After I took this photo,
my daughter gave me another one, which contained cheese.
She said the one with cheese in it was very tasty.


Fräulein Trude said...

I missed to have a taste of Takoyaki. So the best was the cheesuyaki?! I would like to have one of those electronic takoyaki-pans. They seem to be perfect to make poffertjes and cake-pops too. Thinking about my wasteline maybe it is much better to not own such a pan (laugh). Thank you for the coffee roasting posts - amazing work!

Sissi said...

Takoyaki lunch was one of the most memorable moments of my last trip to Japan. I have several photographs with it (takoyaki looks great; me much worse... due to the hot, humid September weather...).
Apparently, it's not that obvious to obtain round neat balls, so congratulations! Your takoyaki looks amazing.
I promised myself I would buy a takoyaki pan this year. Thank you for the recipe!

Sissi said...

Sorry for bothering you with something which has nothing to do with food (I have been studying kanji quite intensely lately -I am still a beginner though - and your blog is a fantastic learning source; you cannot imagine how happy I am you write in two languages! It is better than any learning book, also for general language practice). I wanted to ask why you have put this kanji in hiragana too: 二日前(ふつかまえ). Is there a different possible reading of it? (Sorry again).

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: I often think that takoyaki need not necessarily have octopus in them. In fact, there are variations of takoyaki that have cheese, kimchi, and other ingredients in them.

I bought that particular takoyaki-ki たこ焼き器 without much thought when my children were still small. I hate it because the top plate is NOT detachable. I would sugguest getting a "hot plate" with a variety of detachable plates including a takoyaki plate.

Thanks for your kind words about the coffee roasting posts. I think I'll combine these posts into one for ease of reading. And, you know what, I uploaded some videos to YouTube!

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: My wife and daughter are not very good at takoyaki making. The first and second batches didn't look very tasty (small and not spherical). They finally got the knack of it with the third batch, and made almost perfect takoyaki (large, spherical, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside).
Partly because my daughter still doesn't care for beni shoga, she made several versions, such as beni shoga-less ones and ones that contained no ingredients.

As for 二日前, I simply thought that someone somewhere might read it as "ninichi mae" instead of "futsuka mae". Native Japanese speakers wouldn't make such mistakes, but learners tend to make such mistakes.

A memorable mistake is 大切(たいせつ)にする, which means to take good care of. Someone misread it as おおぎりにする (to cut...large).

Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, thank you so much for the explanation (and some new explanations too!). So you do think about us, poor Japanese learners ;-) It's so kind of you! Thank you so much! Different kanji readings kill me, but I slowly stop feeling like an illiterate person when confronted with a food package for example.
I must remember to buy the hot plate you mention (they sell it here in Japanese shops, but very expensive of course...). Then I could put a takoyaki plate and others, as you say... Great idea.

Nippon Nin said...


たこ焼き大好き! たこ焼き器を2つもってますが、滅多に作らないです。こちらではタコは結構高いです。おいしそうですね。タコ焼き粉を使うところに意外性を感じました。 

Hiroyuki said...

Nippon Nin: たこがなくても、チーズなど他のものでも美味しいですよ。娘は具なしのたこ焼きも作りました(笑)。