July 3, 2014

Nasu Miso/なす味噌

I have talked about nasu miso several times already, but I'd like to talk about it again, because it's a different version. Nasu miso is a favorite of my wife's, and she has at least three different recipes, made with ginger, ooba or aojiso (green perilla), and kagura nanban. Kagura nanban is a specialty of Nagaoka and other areas of Niigata. It's similar to green peppers, but is hot and rugged in shape.

Today, we got six small eggplants from my wife's father and three large ones from my father. We also got some green peppers and two kagura nanban (bottom right) from my wife's father. Perfect time to make nasu miso.
So, I made nasu miso for my wife. Cut the ingredients, put them in a frying pan, add a relatively large amount of oil, turn on the heat to high, and put on the lid.
Remove the lid occasionally to release the steam. The ingredients will be cooked in 4-5 minutes.
Mix some miso, sugar, and mirin, and add them to the pan.
Stir well, and nasu miso will be done in a minute.
Keep nasu miso simple.

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