July 7, 2014


For lunch today, I grilled these pieces of atsuage in the toaster oven.
I then sprinkled some katsuobushi and shredded negi.
Then, I poured some store-bought mentsuyu (noodle soup).

It was very delicious, but what I hated was this store-bought frozen shredded negi.
The label simply says, "Reitou (frozen) negi".
I bought it, hoping that it might be shredded NAGA negi. I found it was shredded ao negi. As I said many times in my blog, I am an KANTO MAN, and I really don't care for ao negi.

In Episode 5 of the TV drama, Shinya Shokudo, Master serves a plate of atsuage, with some shredded naga negi on top. Watch the video at around 4:50.


Sissi said...

Haha! I think it's ao negi I have managed to grow on my balcony this year (it's quite thin...). I like it, though it's funny because it's very similar to chives (maybe slightly thicker) but the taste is much more delicate...

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Then you would find naga negi much more delicate and elegant than ao negi (laugh). I think I'll start searching for frozen naga negi!

Sissi said...

I had naga negi only in yakitori izakaya and loved it! Far from our leek.... apart from the looks. (I wouldn't say ao negi is more elegant; just more delicate than our chives here).
I have finally managed to have enough ao negi from my balcony to make an okonomiyaki (negiyaki) and it was very good in it (maybe an idea of how to use your package... you can always cover the taste with lots of toppings).