July 20, 2014

Tokamachi Stone Sculpture Symposium/十日町石彫シンポジウム

On July 19, I had to drive my daughter to the athletics stadium in Tokamachi city and back home, which gave me another opportunity to explore the Tokamachi and surrounding area for three hours or so. At first, I thought I would visit some Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale artworks, but unfortunately, the weather was rather bad, so I decided to explore some of the stone sculptures scattered here and there around JR Tokamachi Station.

JR Tokamachi Station
Tokamachi city is featured in Episode 11 of Season 3 of Kodoku no Gurume. This is the confectionery store where the main character eats some sweets.

I took photos of all the sculptures I found around the station. Shown below are just a few examples.
Title: Perpetual motion

Yuki warabe (snow children)

Kissing Fish
Kissing Fish
All the sculptures were equally impressive, but if I had to choose one, I'd select this one.
Yuruyakana Hitotoki (Slow Moment?)
ゆるやかな ひととき

The second choice would be:

Silent Language
Silent Language
To view other sculptures, visit this site:

Not only stone sculptures but also other common objects in the city were impressive.

And, this large old house, too.

Unattended sales stand:

Two tigers are watching you.
Free-of-charge rest house:
Neige is waiting for you.
I truly enjoyed the two-hour walk around the station. Later, I dropped by the supermarket,
where I found, surprisingly, Yaki Chicken!
My daughter used to love it, but the manufacturer had discontinued this particular product.
Edited to add: I have learned from the official website (Japanese only) of the manufacturer, Nisshin, that three versions of Yaki Chicken were released on July 7, 2014.
I posted abou the first version of Yaki Chicken here in my blog.
追記: メーカー(日清)のオフィシャル サイトで、3種類の焼チキンが2014年7月7日に発売されたのを知りました。


Fräulein Trude said...

Those tigers are very cute. They would fit perfectly into my garden.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: Are they? But they are there to make sure that you don't do wrong with the produce and the money in the safe, I suppose.

I, for one, thought I'd like to live in an old, traditional house like that.

Sissi said...

Very interesting. I loved Kodoku no gurume... Only for a food geek. I must remember to check the addresses and names before I go to Japan next time (last time I forgot).

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: You may find this list useful:
in Japanese only, though.

Sissi said...

Thank you!

Katrin said...

Hiroyuki: The sculpture you like best reminds me of one particular well in Oerlikon, not very far from where I live.
I have to go there tomorrow. I'll try to remember to take my camera, take a photo and post it.
(Sadly there are no photos of food from our recent vacation in Sri Lanka, only one photo of a prawn dish at Dubai Airport.)

Hiroyuki said...

Katrin: You are sweet! I'm looking forward to it!