June 5, 2015

Characteristics of My Two R-440s/私の持っている2つのR-440の特徴

I put 20 g of medium roast coffee in the inlet of my R-440 suitable for drip coffee. 
(Both of my R-440s are hopper-less.)
ドリップコーヒーに適したほうのR-440の入口に中煎りのコーヒーを20 g入れました。
I just placed a lid on top, and ground the coffee at a grind level of 1 (finest).
I was surprised to learn that I got only 14 g of ground coffee! I removed the dial assembly to see where the 6 g of coffee would be. Some coffee fell on the base.
挽いたコーヒーは14 gしかなくて驚きました。6 gのコーヒーがどこにあるか調べようと、ダイヤルを外すと、コーヒーが少し台に落ちました。
I found more ground coffee inside.
Some remained on the far side, not properly ground.
Some ground coffee was attached to the dial assembly.
I retrieved some of the ground coffee, and managed to get 18 g of ground coffee after all.
挽かれたコーヒーを少し取戻し、どうにか最後には18 gになりました。

I did the same with my other R-440, but at a grind level of 10 (coarsest).
I first got 18 g, and I retrieved 1 g by putting my finger into the outlet.
最初は18 gでしたが、出口に指を入れて、1 g取出しました。

18 g of coffee ground at the finest level with the first mill
最初のミルで最も細かく挽いたコーヒー18 g
19 g of coffee ground at the coarsest level with the second
二番目のミルで最も粗く挽いたコーヒー19 g
Not evenly ground. This is a drawback of the R-440 of the "cut mortar" type suitable for espresso: At the medium to coarse settings, the mill tends to grind coffee rather unevenly.

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