June 22, 2015

My Espresso-Like Coffee/私のエスプレッソのようなコーヒー

If I want to have espress-like coffee, which is very strong and has a lot of fines and oils in it, here's what I do.

300 ml insulated mug with a lid
55 mm diameter tea strainer

蓋付きの300 mlの断熱カップ
直径55 mmの茶こし
I used to use a 53-mm diameter one. I have replaced it with this 55-mm dia. one.
直径53 mmの茶こしを使っていましたが、55 mmのものに変えました。
The 55-mm dia. one fits perfectly on the outer rim of the mug.
直径55 mmの茶こしは、コップの外周にぴったりはまります。
Put 20 g of finely ground dark roast coffee.
細挽きした深煎りのコーヒーを20 g入れます。
Pour a small amount of hot water (80-85 degrees C) over the coffee grounds.
Put on the lid, and let sit for 3 minutes (not 30 seconds).
This longtime blooming ensures that all gas is released from the coffee grounds. This is the blooming step of the Matsuya method.

Pour about 300 ml of hot water, slowly so as not to agitate the coffee grounds. Note that permeation takes place in this step.
お湯を300 ml程度注ぎます。コーヒーの粉を動かさないようゆっくりと。この段階では、透過が行われています。
Put on the lid, and let sit for another 3 minutes. Note that infusion takes place in this step.
Remove the tea streamer slowly so as not to agitate the coffee grounds.
Transfer the resulting very strong coffee to another mug, leaving the coffee sludge in the original mug.
Very strong, comparable to espresso.

I was brave enough to drink it with no milk or sugar. I usually add some milk (or fresh cream) to such coffee, but no sugar.


Suzysushi said...

Are you the same Hiroyuki who is/was on eGullet? Suzysushi from Hawaii here! I hope you are doing well! I lost track of you after the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami. I haven't been on eGullet in ages, but you can reach me on Hotmail as Suzysushi.

Hiroyuki said...

Suzysushi: What a pleasant surprise! Yes, I am! I was on eGullet, just like you were. I still remember your fabulous foodblog on eGullet!

Twilight Man said...

This is another interesting method of getting a stronger coffee. I realized the correct amount of roasts and hot water is important from your post.

Hiroyuki said...

Twilight Man: These and all other parameters are important if you want to maintain repeatability. Note also that physical agitation/stirring has a very great impact on the coffee grounds. I usually refrain from agitating the coffee grounds because that would allow unflavorful components to get out.