April 23, 2017

Frozen Eggplants and Frozen Cucumbers/冷凍なすと冷凍きゅうり

On April 17, the weeping cherry tree in the yard of my parents' house was in full bloom.

I have been given an assignment by my mother: Do something about the frozen eggplants and frozen cucumbers, which have been sitting in the freezer for months (years?)

First, I thawed some of them and tasted them. They were quite salty, so I soaked them in water to remove salt,
and finely chopped them.

I put them in a frying pan, heated them to evaporate moisture, and added white sesame seeds, katsuobushi, and mentsuyu (noodle soup) concentrate. Not yet tasty enough...。
I later added soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar. I thought that the vinegar boosted up the flavor.

I served the final product to my parents, who said it was very delicious.
Sorry, a photo of the leftovers.

I will make a similar pickle again. I still have lots of frozen eggplants and cucumbers left in the freezer.

Edited to add photos and descriptions:

4 frozen eggplants
4 frozen cucumbers
20 g katsuobushi
Generous amount of white sesame seeds
50 ml soy sauce
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp instant dashi
30 ml vinegar
冷凍なす 4本
冷凍きゅうり 4本
鰹節 20 g
白ごま たっぷり
しょう油 50 ml
砂糖 大さじ1
出汁の素 小さじ1
お酢 30 ml

1. In a frying pan, put katsuobushi and sesame seeds, turn on the gas to low and heat them for 1 min. or so.
1. フライパンに鰹節とごまを入れ、火を付け弱火にして、1分程度加熱する。
2. Squeeze frozen eggplants and cucumbers, chop them, and squeeze them again.
2. 冷凍なす、きゅうりを絞り、刻んで、再度絞る。
3. Add them to the pan. Heat for 4-5 min. to evaporate excess moisture.
3. フライパンに入れる。4~5分加熱し、余分な水分を飛ばす。
4. Add the seasonings except the vinegar.
4. お酢以外の調味料を入れる。
5. Taste to see it is seasoned sufficiently. Add more seasonings if necessary.
6. Add vinegar. Taste again.
5. 味見して、味付けが十分か確かめる。必要に応じて、調味料を足す。
6. お酢を入れる。再度味見する。
7. Let it cool, and transfer to a container.
7. 冷まして、容器に移す。
I hope my parents like it.

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