April 15, 2017

Making Gyoza with Wings/羽根つき餃子を作る

Although my father likes gyoza, I don't want to make them from scratch mainly because I just can't spend 30-40 minutes to make gyoza. I usually spend only 10-20 minutes to make a meal.
I have tried three different brands of frozen gyoza so far, and I find this one is the best in texture, flavor, and price.
Hane Tsuki Gyoza (Gyoza with Wings) from Osaka Osho:
The regular price is around 400 yen, but I can get it for half the price from a supermarket on specific days of the week.
12 gyoza plus two packets of dipping sauce.

Place the gyoza in a frying pan. No oil or water required.
Turn on the heat to medium and put on the lid. Cook for 5 min.
Lift the lid, turn down the heat to low, and cook for another 1-2 minutes until the liquid around the gyoza turns brownish.
Not bad!

If you want to make regular gyoza in this style, simply mix 150 ml water with 1 tbsp flour (or katakuriko (potato starch), which results in a slightly different texture) and cook the gyoza with some oil and the mixture. Some people use a 1:1 mixture of flour and katakuriko.
普通の餃子をこのような形にしたい場合は、水150 mlに小麦粉(または片栗粉(少し違った食感になる))を大さじ1杯混ぜて、餃子を油少々と、この液体で調理します。小麦粉と片栗粉を1:1で混ぜる人もいます。

Images of hane tsuki gyoza (gyoza with wings)/羽根つき餃子のイメージ


Yangsze said...

Thanks for sharing! I've been enjoying your meal reports. My parents are visiting me in California right now and one of the pleasures we have is cooking meals together. As my parents get older they are less energetic, but it makes me happy to see them enjoying their food. I'm sure your parents appreciate your efforts!

Hiroyuki said...

Yangsze: Thank you for your comment. Well, my father is as energetic, but my mother can no longer cook or do any house chores, and that's why I have to support my parents.