April 26, 2017

Yomogi Tempura and Yomogi-Onion-Carrot-Small Shrimp Kakiage/よもぎ天ぷらと、よもぎ、玉ねぎ、にんじん、小えびのかき揚げ

This is the very first time that I have made tempura at my parents' house since I came here last November. I have wanted to serve yomogi tempura to my parents to tell them how tasty it is, but I have refrained from making tempura until today simply because tempura making takes time (30-40 minutes or longer). In the meantime, yomogi by the road have grown tall day by day.

In a mixing bowl, I put some of the yomogi, added some hakurikoko (cake flour) and water. I left out an egg. I aimed for very lightly coated tempura.

I chopped the rest of the yomogi, put it in the mixing bowl, added thinly sliced onion and carrot and dried shrimp.
Then I added one egg, some cake flour, and some water. I adjusted the texture by adding some more water. I aimed for crisp but heavily coated kakiage.

You would be surprised to see that such a small amount of tempura batter results in this amount of kakiage.
I grated some daikon.
My father made home-made soba, using freshly ground buckwheat. Boiling it is my job.
Thick as udon noodles! My father says he failed for two reasons: the buckwheat was too dry and my father has difficulty kneading the dough for twenty minutes.
Anyway, the home-made soba was tasty enough.


Amy said...

Although the soba is thicker, it still looks delicious! Did your parents enjoy the tempura? (It looks great!)

Hiroyuki said...


Soba noodles need not be thin to be tasty!

>Did your parents enjoy the tempura?

I guess so, because they finished off all the pieces.