June 13, 2008

Twenty Pieces of Nigiri/握り20貫

Tonight, my two children and I took another trip to the traditional sushi shop we frequent to have another wonderful sushi dinner.
Almost all the sushi we have had since last November can be found here: A Local Sushi Shop in Niigata

写真はA Local Sushi Shop in Niigataに載せました。

Twenty pieces of nigiri means spending 20,000 yen at a high-end sushi shop and about 30,000 yen at Sukiyabashi Jiro. What I paid for my sushi was much lower, about 6,400 yen.
握り寿司20貫というと、高級寿司屋だと2万円はかかりますし、数寄屋橋次郎だったら約3万円です。 私が払った金額はもっと少ない6,400円程度です。


nakji said...

Oh, it all looks so beautiful - I think sushi looks like jewels. I want to go to a proper sushi restaurant (not a kaiten sushi place) for my birthday, but my husband doesn't like sushi. It's no fun eating alone. :(

Hiroyuki said...

In a traditional sushi shop like the one I focus on, your husband can have non-sushi items like yakitori, kara age, and age dashi tofu, while you enjoy sushi. I hope you can find such a sushi shop!

nakji said...

Really? Because he loves yakitori. I'll start looking around for a shop.