November 1, 2008

Maguro Chu Toro (Medium Fatty Tuna) and Yellowtail/マグロの中トロとブリ

I went shopping in the afternoon, and bought this maitake mushroom among others.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Among other items that I bought were this maguro chu toro (medium fatty tuna) and buri (adult yellowtail).

I sliced these fillets into neta (toppings) for nigiri.

My family prefer chu toro (medium fatty tuna) to o toro (very fatty tuna). O toro is just too fatty for us.


Unknown said...

Hey Hiroyuki, that sushi looks fantastic! Tell me... all the fish caught in the UK by law have to be frozen before being sold. Does that have an impact on the flavour? Also is it true that all sushi needs to be eaten with Sake to neutralize all the "poisons" in the fish?

BTW, that fatty tuna looks incredible. It's so expensive in the UK it's just not fair!

Hiroyuki said...

Mike: I knew that such a law existed in Canada, but I didn't know that you had a similar law in your country. I'd say that the impact is minimal; I can hardly tell the difference between fresh and frozen fish in flavor and texture, provided that modern freezing technology is employed and the frozen fish is thawed properly. Anyway, much of the fish consumed in Japan is frozen.

I have never heard of the connection between sake and the "poisons" in the fish (lol). Is this some kind of a rumor? What kinds of poisons do fish have in them?
Mercury in fish is a serious problem, but as you can see from
having fish in moderation won't do you any harm.
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All this talk about tuna and yellowtail makes me really hungry! It's 17:20 in Japan!