November 8, 2008

Special Report/特報

The International University of Japan is located in Minami Uonuma City. On November 8, they had this special event: International Festival 2008
Among the dishes offered there, I had Vietamese pho, a Phillipine rice dish unknown to me, and Indian curry. I really wished I could have eaten more dishes.
I bought three packs of Central Asian rice dish for my wife and children.
Besides, I bought a bag of Okinawan doughnuts and a pack of sea grapes (Green Caviar).
Some random photos for you to enjoy:


Ines A. said...

The event seems fun!
and wow I'm surprised there's an indonesian stall. haha I wonder what they sell there

The university festival I had once visited in Iwate was also fun.^^

Hiroyuki said...

dhe~: Yes, it was fun. It's an annual event, but sadly, I haven't been there since 2008!