November 19, 2010

Jumbo Omelet/ジャンボオムレツ

I often make an omelet as part of breakfast. I used to make four small omelets, one for each family member, using one, one and a half, or two eggs per serving. This was really time-consuming, so one day, I hit on a good idea: Making one big omelet and sharing it among the family. Now I usually make one jumbo omelet, using 4 or 5 large eggs.
My way of making an omelet slightly differs from most others in that I don't add salt and pepper to the eggs; I add some milk only. Each family member sprinkles some salt and pepper or pours some tomato ketchup immediately before having his or her portion.

This morning, I made this omelet, using 4 large eggs, and as you can see, it contains chopped oyster mushrooms.



My portion:

Note: In yesterday's post, I should have mentioned that cream stew was peculiar to Japanese cuisine, as described here.
注: 昨日の投稿で、クリームシチューは、ここで説明されているように、日本料理特有のものであると言っておくべきでした。

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