November 10, 2010

Rare Cheesecake/レアチーズケーキ

This post of Indirect Heat, Miso cheesecake, has made me realize that I haven't made "rare" (unbaked) cheesecake for quite some time. So, I made some rare cheesecake today. Note that my rare cheesecake is base-less.
Indirect Heatさんのこの記事Miso cheesecakeを読んで、しばらくレアチーズケーキを作ってないことに気付きました。そこで、今日はレアチーズケーキを作りました。私のレアチーズケーキは土台なしです。

1 box (250 g) cream cheese
200 g plain yogurt
40 g sugar
1 tbsp yuzu juice
5 g gelatin
50 ml water to dissolve gelatin

クリームチーズ 1箱(250 g)
プレーンヨーグルト 200 g
砂糖 40 g
柚子果汁 大さじ1
ゼラチン 5 g
ゼラチンを溶かすための水 50 ml

The original recipe, written on the inside of the cream cheese box, says to heat the cream cheese for about 30 seconds in a 500-W microwave, but I cut mine into small pieces, put them in a bowl, add sugar, mixed, and left them at room temperature for about 1 hour until soft.

Notice my Shigefusa kitaeji petty knife. Cooking is fun with this knife.

If you want to follow the manufacturer's recipe exactly, use 60 g sugar (instead of 40), use 1 tbsp lemon juice instead of yuzu juice, and use 10 (90 g) biscuits and 40 g butter for the base. Put the biscuits in a vinyl bag, crush them by pounding, and mix with room temperature butter. Place them on the bottom of a 18-cm round mold.
メーカーのレシピーに正確に従うには、砂糖を(40 gではなく)60 g使って、柚子果汁ではなくレモン汁を大さじ1使って、土台にはビスケットを10枚(90 g)とバターを40 g使います。ビスケットをビニール袋に入れ、叩いて砕き、室温に戻したバターと混ぜます。それを18 cmの丸型に入れます。

About one hour later, the cream cheese became soft.

As you may know, a yuzu has a lot of seeds in it.

Yuzu juice and seeds:

Add yogurt, yuzu juice, and dissolved gelatin in this order, mixing well each time.

Transfer to a 18-cm round mold (in my case, a plate), and put in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
18 cmの丸型(私の場合、お皿)に移し、冷蔵庫に2、3時間入れます。

Sorry, I can't take appetizing photos of my rare cheesecake!

It was tasty, but my daughter and I thought that it would have been better without the yuzu flavor.

To view a better photo of rare cheese cake, click here. As shown in the photo, rare cheese cake is sometimes served with some fruit sauce (blueberry sauce in this photo).


Indirect Heat said...

That base recipe is very similar to the one that I used. Funny, I had never heard of rare cheesecake until you described it - I had thought that Providence had made up that name themselves.

Too bad about the yuzu. I love yuzu flavour, but I can imagine it might not go well with cream cheese.

Hiroyuki said...

Bbq Dude: The yuzu flavor was quite noticeable when I had it right after the cake had set, but was less noticeable when I had it after supper. I have made rare cheesecake many times before, first with a base and some lemon juice. Then I started making my own versions, with and without citrus juice. The one I made with orange juice was quite good. I have also made a gelatin-less version, which was quite good because it was in liquid form (my children liked it) and was free from the gelatin flavor, which can be somewhat offensive.
I really don't care for the base because biscuits + butter should have a lot of calories, and besides, I don't think that the base goes well with the soft cheesecake.

My another attempt is to make cheesecake from plain yogurt and sugar only!