November 22, 2010

Cooking Brown Rice in an IH Rice Cooker/IH炊飯器で玄米を炊く

I finally cooked some brown rice yesterday. Instead of trying bikkuri daki, I decided to simply cook it in my IH (induction heating) rice cooker in exactly the same way as I cook white rice to check how well it could cook brown rice. The resultant cooked rice was more flavorful than I had anticipated. Both my wife and children said the rice was good. The brown rice that I cooked in a maikon (microcomputer-controlled) rice cooker more than a decade ago was much less flavorful.

I think I'll try to make hatsuga genmai and cook it in the near future.


CFT said...

The "holes" in your 1st pic of the cooked rice is evidence (my theory) that the optimum amount of water was used to cook the rice.

You don't get the pock marked appearance if you use too much or too little water.

Hiroyuki said...

Chee Fai: It's interesting that you mentioned those "holes". I don't get such holes when I cook white rice in my IH rice cooker. This morning, I cooked some hatsuga genmai, and I got holes again. I'll show some photos in my next post.