November 5, 2010

My Kind of Yakisoba/私好みの焼きそば

I made yakisoba for supper tonight at the request of my daughter. My kind of yakisoba is substantial one. Besides yakisoba noodles, my yakisoba (for 4 servings) typicall contains:
1/4 cabbage
1/2 carrot
1 onion
1 pack moyashi (bean sprouts)
200-300 g pork.
豚肉 200~300 g

So, it's very hard to pan-fry pork first, followed by vegetables and then by noodles, and stir them all, so I usually pan-fry vegetables first, transfer them to a plate, pan-fry pork, transfer it to the plate, and then loosen noodles in the pan by adding some water, putting on the lid, and heating for some time. Then, I add the vegetables and the pork, stir them all, and add the supplied yakisoba sauce.

Resultant yakisoba:

Top it with beni shoga (red vinegared ginger) and ao nori (a type of seaweed).

Very tasty and healthy!


Nancy Heller said...

That looks like my kind of dinner!

Kiki said...

Healthy indeed! I love yakisoba!!!
And it is ready in a very short time. Yesterday we also cooked some kind of yakisoba with cabbage, green onions, carrots and tofu. I didn't had time to buy meat, so I had to use up what was in the fridge. I like the japanese style of fried noddles much better then the chinese style. Chinese use way too much oil and fat in their kitchen. Next week I have to live on original chinese food only (as long as it's not cat, rat or dog it is ok with me) because I am going to visit Beijing. Maybe my son, who lives there, will take me to a japanese restaurant. He promised me to show me some good once. I am very excited. I will take fotos and hopefully I can manage to refresh my food blog (which is not in use since 2 years because I am lazy).

Hiroyuki said...

Nancy Heller: Oh, does it? But it's nothing when compared with your dinners you show on your blog!

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: I forgot to mention that I didn't use any oil when pan-frying. The fat from the pork is enough (or should I say more than enough) for me.
Have a nice trip to China! And, enjoy your time with your son there!!
It's good to know that you have a blog. Let me know when you have updated it!