December 5, 2011

Oroshi Ponzu Hamburgers/おろしポン酢ハンバーグ

In oroshi ponzu, oroshi means daikon oroshi (grated daikon). Grilled sanma (Japanese saury) are often eaten with this combination.

Sadly, my lunch is usually a combination of leftovers, and my lunch today is no exception.

On Saturday, I made some regular-size pork hamburgers as part of supper, as well as smaller ones to put in my daughter's bento box the next day.
And, today, I still had four of the smaller ones in the fridge. I decided to have them all with oroshi ponzu, instead of the sauce I had made from equal parts of tonkatsu sauce and ketchup plus some soy sauce, mirin, and sake. I put some daikon oroshi in the leftover clear soup, too, in the "mizore nabe" style. Mizore means sleet.
I also had to eat the three of the five onigiri (rice balls) that my daughter took with her (to participate in a soroban (Japanese abacus) competition in Niigata city) but brought home uneaten.

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