December 30, 2011

Osechi Ryori 4: Tazukuri/御節(おせち)料理4:田作り

Instead of normal tazukuri, I made what is called "kozakana almond". Kozakana means small fish.

100 g niboshi (small dried sardines for making dashi)
50 g almonds
60 g sugar
1 tbsp water

1. Put niboshi on a large plate, and microwave for 2-3 min. until crisp.
2. Cut each almond in two lengthwise, put them on a large plate, and microwave 2-3 min. until crisp.
3. In a pot, put sugar and water, dissolve sugar, bring to a boil, add niboshi, simmer on low to medium heat until sugar crystallize on each sardine.
4. Add almond.

煮干 100 g
アーモンド 50 g
砂糖 60 g
水 大さじ1

1. 煮干しを大きな皿に載せ、カリッとするまで2~3分電子レンジで加熱する。
2. アーモンドをそれぞれ縦に二つに切って、カリッとするまで2~3分電子レンジで加熱する。
3. 鍋に砂糖と水を入れ、砂糖を溶かし、沸騰させ、煮干しを加え、弱火~中火で砂糖が煮干しの表面で結晶化するまで火を通す。
4. アーモンドを足す。

Very, very tasty! I highly recommend it! Now I can say that almonds are optional. Niboshi alone should be tasty enough.


Sissi said...

Very interesting! I have a big bag of niboshi (I made the niboshi dashi once and didn't like it, so I stick to the kombu and katsuobushi one), so I might test this dish soon. Was it very sweet?

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Not so sweet. I hope you like the flavor. I actually used 200 g niboshi and doubled the amounts of the other ingredients. We liked it so much that it will be gone before the New Year's Day!

As I said in the post, almonds are optional, and I think you can also use peanuts and other nuts instead.