December 15, 2011

Turning Spaghetti into Ramen Noodles 4/スパゲティーをラーメンの麺に変える4

As part of supper last night, I made the fourth attempt, using hiyamugi (thicker than somen and thinner than udon). The resulting noodles were tasty enough although slightly overcooked.

For lunch today, I made hiyashi chuka, using some of the leftover noodles, leftover sesame seed dressing, leftover mizuna, leftover scrambled egg, and some fake crab meat sticks.
"Hiyashi chuka in December?," you might say. The fact is that the theme of Episode 19 (actually episode 9) of the TV drama, Shinya Shokudo 2, was hiyashi chuka, and I have wanted to have some since I watched it.
Correction:  Not episode 19 (9) but 18 (8)
訂正: 19(9)話ではなく18(8)話でした。


Fräulein Trude said...

This looks really nice with fake crab and scrambled eggs. Would be a good cold dish for lunch at my office.
I have seen the new season Shinya shokudo until part 6 - waiting for the next part #7. I liked the ghost story best. Strange, watching it I was thinking about cooking pork sweet sour with pineapple chunks too. Beats me, I never order pork sweet sour at chinese restaurants (it is the number one dish in chinese restaurants in Germany). In fact I hate it quite a lot. Better stick to tuna with mayo (laugh).

Sissi said...

Hiyashi chuka look delicious! I must make them one day when it gets a bit warmer maybe... I think I am going to watch Shinya Shokudo tonight.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki and Sissi: The hiyashi chuka was delicious even though it was made entirely with leftover items, except the kani kama (fake crab meat sticks) (called "surimi" in your countries?)

Kiki, you mean episode 15 (5), canned food? I think I like episode 14 (4), nikogori, the best, where Master says, "Timing is everying in life."

Subuta is one of the best loved dishes in Japan, too, together with gyoza and mapo tofu.

Shinya Shokudo will soon end with episode 20 (10). That makes me a little sad.

Fräulein Trude said...

Ah the soapland girl story. Yes this story was lovely too but I am a ghost story (as in canned food) addict. I can tell a true ghost story but nobody would believe me...
Don't you think the master becomes more and more talkative? More like a counselor.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: Try me, or maybe you want to write about your story in your blog. There will be someone out there who will believe you!

Talkative? Maybe (laugh). But that's what Shinya Shokudo is all about. I mean, people go to this diner not only to have a meal but also to chat with him, right?