June 16, 2015

Cold-Brewing Dark Roast Coffee and Having It Cold/深煎りのコーヒーを水出しして、冷たくして飲む

This morning, I roasted 500 g of coffee beans to obtain 408 g of dark roast coffee (weight loss of 18.4%).
今朝は、コーヒー豆を500 g焙煎して、深煎りのコーヒー(重量減は18.4%)を作りました。
Here is my latest cold-brewing kit.
Two PET bottles with a capacity of about 1,000 ml each. The one bottle is bottom-less, and is about 16 cm tall. The cap has a small hole at the center.
それぞれ容量約1,000 mlのPETボトル2本。一つのボトルには底がなく、高さは16 cm程度です。キャップの中央には小さな穴が開いています。
The other bottle has a small hole near the bottom, and has a 320 ml level written on the side.
下のボトルは、底の近くに小さな穴があり、側面には320 mlのレベルが書かれています。
Cut one paper towel in half and fold one half in half to cover the top of the lower bottle.
Use a rubber band to fasten the paper towel.
Place the lower bottle in the carafe, upside down.
I cut out a 1 cm x 4 cm piece from the other half of the paper towel.
残りの半分のキッチンペーパーから1 cm x 4 cm切り取ります。
Fold it in half and again in half to make a 1 cm square, and place it inside the cap of the upper bottle.
それを半分に折り、また半分に折り、1 cmの四角にして、上のボトルのキャップの内部に入れます。
Then, wet the paper to fasten it.
Grind 40 g of dark roast coffee beans finely and place them in the lower bottle.
Pour about 50 g of hot (not cold) water over the coffee grounds. Let them sit for 3 minutes (not 30 seconds).
お湯(水ではない)を50 g程度、コーヒーの粉に注ぎ、3分(30秒ではない)待ちます。
Put 320 ml of cold water in the upper bottle, place the cap, and turn the bottle upside down gently so as not to cause the piece of paper to be separated from the cap.
MAKE SURE THAT DROPS OF WATER FALL AT A RATE OF ABOUT ONE PER SECOND. You may have to increase or decrease the amount of paper towel in the cap to attain the proper rate.
上のボトルに冷水を320 ml入れて、ペーパーがキャップから離れないよう、丁寧に逆さにします。
In about 2 hours, you will get about 300 ml of very strong coffee.

I tasted some, and found it was very strong just I had expected.
Rather than diluting with cold water, I added some ice cubes.
Note: I had to make three attempts to perfect my cold-brewing kit. For my first attempt, I made a single hole in the cap of the lower bottle, just like the one in the cap of the upper bottle. The lower bottle was completely clogged! For my second attempt, I made four additional holes in the cap of the lower bottle. This did not solve the clogging completely. For the third, I used paper towel instead of the cap, which solved the clogging problem completely.
注: この水出し装置を完成させるのに3度実験が必要でした。最初は、下のボトルのキャップにも、上のボトルのキャップと同じような穴を一つ開けたのですが、下のボトルは完全に詰まってしまいました。二回目は、下のボトルのキャップに、穴をさらに4つ開けたのですが、それでも詰まりは解決しませんでした。三回目は、キャップの代わりにキッチンペーパーを使い、詰まりは完全に解消しました。


Twilight Man said...

Wow! This is so creative of you to filter with cut bottles using hot & cold water. I would have sleepless night if I drank such a thick brew.
I want to find time to read all your earlier postings and leave my footprints.

Thanks for sharing.

Hiroyuki said...

Twilight Man: Creative?? Thank you for saying so. My next challenge will be brewing strong coffee with an infusion method. I have already made several experiments, with moderate to mediocre results.