April 7, 2017

Back to My Parents' House/実家に戻る

The following is more like a personal diary.
Public snow dumping site on April 4
Dump trucks loaded with snow come here even today.
On April 6, I took the Shinkansen again to return to my parents' house.
The sad news story about the Shinkansen is that Max, the two-storied Shinkansen train, will be abolished by the end of fiscal 2020.
I bought two cans of Nodogoshi Nama the day before, drank one of them that night and took the other one with me.

Intriguing beer mugs, made of cedar.

Sound good, but too expensive for me.

From JR Tokyo Station, I took the expressway bus. The cheery trees were in full bloom.
I usually take a bus to Kimitsu Bus Terminal, but this time, I took a bus to Awa Kamogawa. From the nearest bus stop, I enjoyed the 2.9 km, 35-minute walk to my parents' house.

No snow on the ground, naturally.

Some rice paddies are already ready for planting.
In the Uonuma region of Niigata, on the other hand, rice planting is usually carried out in early May, around the Golden Week.

This bridge is as old as I am.

Somehow I like this particular bridge and the scenery from this bridge. Well, this bridge reminds me of the scene where Sen meets No-Face in the movie, Spirited Away.


Amy said...

I love the Shinkansen shopping guides - they're so much better than the in-flight shopping guides on planes. The prices for even small things like wallets, though...! I kept the guide that was on the train we took from Tokyo to Kyoto last year mainly because the front section of the magazine was dedicated to ordering seafood specialties from around the country, and the cover had a picture of some amazing-looking ikura and uni :)

Hiroyuki said...

Amy: Just like you, I often take with me one copy each of the shopping guide and Train Vert
or even two copies of them for myself and my parents or family. I have never made any purchases from the shopping guide, but I think it's a good source of information about some great gadgets not found in regular stores.

okasan said...

I enjoy reading your day to day life in Japan. Your pictures of the rice paddies reminds me of cycling the Okayama Kibi Plain 吉備路 in a mamachariママチャリ. 懐かしい!Spirited Away is one of my favorite movie as well as Totoro!

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: I don't watch many anime movies, but Sprited Away is one of the few I have been hooked on!

Yangsze said...

Thank you for sharing your entries. I enjoyed reading about your trip!!

Hiroyuki said...

Yangsze: Thank *you* for reading!

Fräulein Trude said...

Yes the bridge looks just the same as in the movie. Nice spot to make some children happy with a little surprise during halloween. Ghibli movies: I simply love them and I am going to craft a fake stone Totoro lantern for my front yard (the mold ist ready) - just for the kids. The sculpture will sit on the wall and hopefully will look just fine lit by a big candle :-)

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: How have you been? Still busy with work?

Well, I really don't think the bridge looks just the same (laugh), but somehow, some way, it does remind me of that particular scene in the movie. Besides, the bridge was constructed in November 1960, and I was born in the same month of that year.

Totoro is another Ghibli movie that I like. I particularly like the Neko Bus!

Fräulein Trude said...

How have I been, we don't have enough people and tons of new projects. Thankfully I am enjoying some free days - I am so not reading my e-mails...