November 1, 2010

My Son's Bento Box/息子の弁当箱

Here is my son's bento box.

My son bought it himself when my family went shopping together a few months ago.

He says he likes his bento box, but as for me, I'm not very satisfied with it. For one thing, the chopsticks are too short. For another, the top part, which houses the chopsticks, is complicated and hard to wash.

What I cannot put in the bento box I have to put in other containers.


Rose said...

It is still a very nice bento. But it is difficult that you can't put everything in it.

Hiroyuki said...

Rose: Thanks for your compliment. I'm quick to admit that I'm not a good bento maker. The problem with me is that I don't want to spend too much time and money on making bento. As you may know, when you go to a 100-yen shop, you can get all those cute little bento items that will make your bento look good, but I don't want to use such things.

Kiki said...

What are cute little bento items?
I am very interested in bento making. I prepare o-bento with left overs: soba, veggies, eggs, or I make it fresh from the scretch: onigiri, meat paddies and so on. I don't think that bento is expensive, but yes, preparing is time consuming (eating out in a canteen is much more expensive). I learned quite a lot from this blog:
In germany it's (or maybe was - times are changing) a tradition to prepare Pausenbrot (bread for breaks) for the kids. Pausenbrot is some kind of sandwich (but better not made of soft white bread - this is unhealthy) accompanied by fruits, veggie sticks and so on. I tried very hard to feed some healthy stuff to my child and therefore made the sandwich toppings more interesting. I even carved little round red radishes into mice :-) Guess he dumped the pausenbrot now and than and spent his money on candy bars instead.
A transformer like bento box would had helped much to risen his interest in pausenbrot. I use lock&lock boxes only - no rabbit patterns, no patterns at all.
(hopefully your mushroom season is over soon; we did spend the 31 Oct. at the sunny seaside, making a long stroll at the beaches)

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: What I meant was picks and cups such as:
and molds such as:
These and other bento items (collectively called as "o-bento goods" in Japanese) will make your bento look good, cute, and lovely (but not healthy).