December 19, 2011

Aji Fry Don/アジフライ丼

Like I said previously, my lunch is usually some leftovers plus something extra unless I have the guts to splurge a little.

Today, I had to deal with them.
Aji fries my children left uneaten for supper last Thursday.

At first, I thought I would make a sandwich with them, but I changed my mind and decided to make aji fry don.
The recipe is the same as that for oyakodon and katsudon. I used only one egg, though.
About five minutes later, the unappetizing aji fries turned into something that looked delicious (at least for me).
In fact, I had this strange feeling that I was in a restaurant like Shinya Shokudo (laugh).


Fräulein Trude said...

As a mother I dare say: Next time your kids should share one fish and you put the money for the second in your personal piggy bank. Shinya shokudo: reminds me of the "second day curry" day. Best to be eaten as leftover the day after.

Sissi said...

It's one of the most delicious looking leftover dishes I have seen! I think leftovers teach us (at least me) creativity in the kitchen and sometimes, accidentally I create this way new recipes which then become "real" dishes, not only leftover dishes.

muskratbyte said...

Very creative use of leftovers! I'm having leftover nabe, but I have to say, I'd enjoy it more if I had some of this instead!

Hiroyuki said...

Thank you everyone for their respective comments.

Kiki, thanks for the idea. Actually, I used to serve a meal to them like you suggest. Now they are older, they deserve a whole sanma, a whole horse mackerel hiraki, a whole korokke, etc. Sometimes they eat more than I expect and sometimes they eat less. Besides, it may not be apparent from the photo, but the aji fries were extra large. I usually force my children to eat their leftovers the next day, but I kept forgetting to remind them to eat those leftovers.

Sadly, Shinya Shokudo has ended! (The last episode will be aired tonight in the Tokyo area, but I have already watched it on the Internet.)
You may find this site helpful:

okasan said...

A sign of a good cook is the ability to transform any leftovers into something that doesn't look like leftovers! Sometimes I have so much leftovers that I have to transform them a few times so my family thinks they are freshly made!たいへんですね。

Shinya shokudo will be sadly missed!You think there will be a part 3??

I heard that KFC Chicken 'Party Barrel' is very popular during Christmas in Japan.

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: Thank you for your encouraging words! Just what I needed! Yes, yes, home cooks must be creative!

I really hope that there will be part 3 soon!

We have already ordered a Christmas cake and assorted foods including chicken. We will also have some pizza, and I will have more beer than usual.

Unfortunately, no Kentucky Fried Chicken for us (it's rather expensive for us), and we never had turky. As you may know, turky is very unusual in Japan.