June 17, 2015

Mixing Medium and Dark Roasts/中煎りと深煎りを混ぜる

Today, I mixed medium and dark roasts together to see how the resultant coffee would taste like.
Left: Medium roast (weight loss of about 15.0%, if I remember correctly)
Right: Dark roast (weight loss of 18.4%)
First, I mixed them at a ratio of 1:1.
The resulting coffee was quite bitter. The bitterness of the dark roast was dominant.
So, my next attempt was mixing 15 g of the medium roast and 5 g of the dark roast.
そこで、二回目は中煎りを15 g、深煎りを5 g混ぜました。
The resultant coffee was less bitter, naturally, but the bitterness was still there, and I really didn't like the overall flavor.
I think that mixing a light roast with a dark roast will give different results, but I don't think I'll make such experiments. For one thing, I don't like light roasts.


Twilight Man said...

Nice try. I might add cocoa or coconut sugar into bitter coffee which might be a pleasant taste.
I used to hang out in a coffee manufacturing factory where I observed their experiments like yours...

Twilight Man said...
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Hiroyuki said...

Twilight Man: I started mixing different roasts when I failed to roast one batch properly and had to mix it with a properly roasted batch to make it drinkable. Maybe 95% medium roast and 5% dark roast will give a better result.