June 27, 2016

Making Low-Salt Umeboshi, Day 8/低塩梅干し作り、8日目

Yesterday, I transferred the ume from the Tupperware container to an I-Wrap bag, and put it in the fridge. Last night, I tasted one, and found it was quite salty. To be more precise, I had the feeling that when sourness and saltiness were combined, the human taste bud might get them mixed up and mistakenly sense the sourness as saltiness.
This morning, I took the bag out of the fridge,  
and had one with a bit of hot rice.
Salty for sure but has turned slightly mellow.
After having the salty umeboshi, I started to think that my father's low-salt umeboshi were not bad after all. I asked my wife to taste the salty version as soon as possible and tell me her opinion.

Today, it's sunny, so I started to dry some of the ume in the sun.
I will leave the others indoors to see if the two versions will differ in flavor and texture.
To be continued.


Sissi said...

I am so jealous of your ume-based home products! It's fascinating to watch the different stages too (and I learnt how to say "ripe" in Japanese thanks to your posts, haha!). Umeboshi is one of my favourite Japanese products (luckily it's always available here, even in my French organic shop, but it's never law-salt of course).
You will have umesu afterwards!!! This is such a delicious product too. (You could make your own yukari! I was forced to make a false one last year :-( .

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Umesu (or umezu), yukari, you seem to have learned quite a lot about umeboshi!

I got a call from my father today, and he told me that he would send me some more. I think I'll make ume syrup and ume jam, because while my family like ume syrup and ume jam, we are not big fans of umeboshi...