June 24, 2016

Making Low-Salt Umeboshi, Day 5/低塩梅干し作り、5日目

Day 5
I drained all the liquid from the glass jars. While so doing, I tasted the liquid and found it was just salt water with some ume flavor. If I had started making umeboshi in a usual way, with 12-20% salt and with no water, I could have gotten umezu (lit. ume vinegar) at this point, which can be used to make beni shoga (pickled red ginger), among others.

Anyway, the ume are now like this:
I made some improvements, using a fan.
I checked all the ume and picked out torn ones.
I decided to add 20% sugar to these ume without drying to see how they would taste with the addition of sugar and determine whether 20% would be enough or too much.

412 g ume
梅412 g

I added 82 g (20%) sugar
砂糖を82 g(20%)入れました。
For lack of shochu with an alcohol content of 35%, I added a small amount of 25% shochu.
Roll gently, so as not to damage the ume.
I made some other improvements.
I will leave them as they are until noon. I have to think of ways to dry them properly.

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